La voz de nuestros clientes

Creemos que nuestros clientes son los mejores para juzgarnos. Esto es lo que suelen decir de nosotros algunos clientes.

Flemming & Winnie Dinamarca

We have bought an apartment through homes-abroad in Fuengirola and have had a safe and good feeling throughout the process.…

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Michael & Lisette Nørup Dinamarca

After many months of searching for the right home in Spain, where many realtors would like us to use them…

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Kirsten & Per Jensen Dinamarca

After searching for property on the Costa del Sol for a little over a year, it was finally possible with…

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Guía completa para comprar en España

Incluye consejos sobre dónde comprar, retirarse, atención médica, el proceso legal y más.

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Erik Nielsen Dinamarca

We have just sold our house and can warmly recommend Line Lützow from We felt safe from start to…

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Mogens & Henriette Dinamarca

My wife, Henriette and I became acquainted with homes-abroad in the early autumn of 2019, we surfed the internet to…

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Chanette Rand Dinamarca

We have finally taken over our apartment and have stayed overnight for the first time. Beautiful place and absolutely perfect…

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Carl Nielsen Dinamarca

To my full satisfaction we used and Lotte Kristiansen, (area manager on Costa del Sol) to manage the sale…

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Tobias Jensen Dinamarca

In regard to our dream of an apartment in Spain, we contacted in the spring of 2020. We had…

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Mette Hou Larsen Dinamarca

In concern with our purchase of an apartment on the Costa del Sol, we contacted and their office in…

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Jette Feldthaus Dinamarca

The dream of a holiday apartment in Spain has been there for many years, but without us really getting anything…

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Kenneth & Mette

After a long search and look on the web for a holiday home on the Costa del Sol, we got…

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Kirsten & Per Jensen

Después de buscar una propiedad en la Costa del Sol durante un año, finalmente logramos encontrar la ubicación correcta y…

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