Casa de campo en venta en Cómpeta

ID de propiedad # DELEBOLIG-CSE001


780 €/m2


1000 m2

Sobre la propiedad

IMPORTANT INFO! This is a home that is part of our share concept. The € 62,375 is the price per share. The total value / price of the home is four times as high if you want to buy the property for yourself!

Share property Spain

Why settle? Get more property for the money with our share property concept

Our share property concept is for you who would like to enter into a collaboration with 3 other families to share expenses, use etc. and thus get much more property for the money.

You are part of the ownership together with a maximum of 3 other families with whom you share all expenses and the use of the accommodation. All owners are on the deed and own 25% per share.

You are welcome to buy more shares in the same home and thereby gain more access and ownership of the home.

Your price is exactly 1/4 of the property’s real retail price as there are 4 shares on each property. Thus, the home has a value 4 times as high as your investment. All operating expenses for the dwelling are distributed among all cooperatives.

The € 62,375 is the price per share. The total value / price of the home is four times as high. We negotiate the final price in place with the owner / builder when we have four specific families who each have paid reservation / deposit. It is therefore conceivable that the price will be even lower!

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  • Cerca de la ciudad
Climate control
  • Hogar
  • Armarios empotrados
  • Terraza privada
  • Piscina privada
  • Sur


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