Construction system

Our construction system.

Our modular construction system allows us to create prefabricated houses of the highest quality and energy efficiency. We build homes with structure similar to those of traditional construction with reinforced concrete slabs and powerful steel pillars.

More quality to the process

Our construction system is carried out in our factory, which brings more quality to the process and the finishes. It has a Document of Adaptation to Use (DAU), and complies, by law, with the same technical codes as traditional construction. For greater guarantee the whole process is supervised by an independent OCT.

Structural system

The mixed structural system, in steel and concrete, allows to eliminate the thermal bridges, and conceals all the installations in the enclosures, avoiding uncomfortable stamping.

Our construction system is based on an industrialized process optimized to the maximum. Converting each step of the traditional construction into an assembly line, controlling times and quality of execution. Not only has the quality of the homes not been impaired, it has also increased to its maximum level.

Your house in 4 months.

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