Delivery time

Delivery time. Your house in 4 months.

In Homes-Abroad we build your house in 4 months (homes up to 200 m2 and on one floor). Our homes, made with steel and reinforced concrete structures, are based on a maximum optimized construction process.

Converting each step of the traditional construction into an assembly line, controlling time and quality of execution. Where not only the quality of the houses has not been impaired, but it has increased to its maximum level.

Maximum energy efficiency

At Homes-Abroad we do not understand the current construction without the search for maximum energy efficiency.

To achieve this goal, we have taken care to the maximum of the housing envelope (enclosures, exterior carpentry and roofing), which is the element that protects us from the outside, avoiding that the temperature and external climatology affect the interior of the house, and that they occur losses of the interior air conditioning.

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Dry Construction:

Whenever possible and to achieve the highest quality construction, we use dry construction systems. Contributing this way to energy saving and faster execution, being able to finish the works much earlier. By not being exposed to weather factors, we can build your house in 4 months, with all the guarantees.

Enclosure: Façade enclosure:

The façade systems used in our prefabricated houses have a thermal transmittance 15% less than that of a facade of two traditional brick factory. This value represents the energy losses that occur through the enclosure, so the lower this value, the lower the demand for heating or cooling inside the house:

Our homes

0.39 W / m 2 K Thermal transmittance

Traditional brick

0.45 W / m 2 Thermal transmittance

Air conditioning systems

To achieve an optimal energy consumption, all our houses incorporate radiant-refreshing floor combined with aerothermy or geothermal energy. It deals with clean and renewable systems of production of cold and heat.

If we compare the savings that can be achieved with respect to a traditional gas system, we would have the following values:

Savings geothermal

45% Savings geothermal system with respect to gas boiler.

Savings aerotermia

20% Savings aerotermia system with respect to gas boiler.
Your house in 4 months.

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