Frequently asked questions.

Want to find out more about our prefabricated homes? How we build the houses? Or what qualities we use? The Answers to these and more can be found below.

  • We are by you side throughout the whole process
  • We guarantee terms and a closed price.
  • See the images of your finished home instantly from the start.
  • The same architects who have developed the projects, will advise you on the property that best suits your needs.
  • Incorporates sanitary wrought throughout the house. A ventilated air chamber is created under the house that isolates and protects it.
  • The structure is made of steel and reinforced concrete.
  • The carpentries are made of premium profile aluminium with thermal bridge break and double glazing with air chamber and interior air renewal system.
  • The access door to the house is armoured.
  • The air conditioning system is by Aerotermia with radiant floor and refreshing throughout the house.
  • The coatings in interior and exterior floors and walls are to choose between high quality materials whether they are wooden floors, porcelain tiles, natural stones, natural and vinyl woods.
  • The bathrooms are completely finished with toilets, taps, washbasin with furniture and shower or bathtub.
  • The kitchens, apart from including all the furniture with Silestone countertop and stainless-steel sink and faucet, include all these appliances: induction hob, oven, decorative extractor fan, integrated microwave, washing machine, dishwasher and fridge freezer.
  • The house is also equipped as standard with door telephone and pre-installation of security alarm.
  • It has an infinite number of finishes and options to choose from that you can select and view instantaneously with our configurator.
  • We do not use plasterboard partition walls. Our partition reinforced with fibres allows to hang 50kg for each cue !! (one of plasterboard resists 30kg / m with a minimum of 2 blocks, while ours support 100kg / m).
  • All the brands that we incorporate into our homes are the most prestigious in the Sector.

We explain everything that includes the price of the prefabricated house on this page: Fixed prices

  • Together with Homes-abroad I ask the Town Council for the Town Plan of the plot where I want to build my house.
  • I select and configure my home together with homes-abroad. I visit one of the pilot homes and the fabric where the house is being built.
  • I reserve my homes dream home.
  • We make the Geotechnical Study and the Topographic Survey and carry out the Project of my house as I have configured it, adapting it to the plot and local urban regulations, for the achievement of the Construction License.
  • Together with homes-abroad I request the Municipal License of Works.
  • The Homes-abroad partner build my house in record time with the highest standards.

Your new home has a 10-year insurance that covers the final cost of housing. See our 10 year warranty.

Yes, the properties are mortgageable, like any other property. Get in touch with us and we will guide you in the process with the Banking Entities that you choose or with which we already have collaboration agreements.

Yes. Once the housing budget is closed, we will give you an enchanted budget. We will help you extol the existing vegetation of your plot and complement it with another well-chosen and other natural elements, highlighting these values of nature with correct lighting and well-laid paths, and integrating all the natural elements in the composition to create a garden to enjoy. We can also provide all areas with an automated irrigation system and adequate drainage. Keep in mind that if we do not take care of housing, we do not tackle urbanized projects or isolated landscaping. A pool can also be built on your wishes. We take care of that for you.

Yes, if it is a buildable plot. To answer you with total certainty to this question, we need you to provide us with the Town Planning Sheet of the plot. That you will obtain in your Town Hall.

Our homes, are homes that have to meet the same requirements as any other home in Spain!

With our prefabricated houses you will have prices and deadlines closed from the moment you set your house. If what you are looking for is a customized project of prefabricated house, our architects have to completely develop the project, which implies a different cost and time. Have in mind that our standard models are totally finished and optimized projects for an industrialized production, so a customized project of prefabricated house requires that previous process of optimization. If what you want is to make some adjustment or personalization on any of the modular homes then get in touch with us and our technicians will advise you on the possibilities that you would have.

If you want to see and touch the materials used in our modular homes, you can come to the showroom, located in Madrid. Our architects will show you samples of the finishes and high quality materials that we use in our prefabricated houses and answering any questions you may have about the materials used in our modular homes.

No, it is not visible. We embed the structure in the enclosure so we can advantage of and furnishing the spaces correctly. This is one of the advantages of prefabricated houses with steel pillars.

The structure of the houses is made of steel and reinforced concrete. The same system used in large skyscrapers and many other buildings.

Yes, all our modular homes are energy efficient. A personalized study of the energy characteristics of each home will be carried out according to the chosen prefabricated house, the finishes, and the geographical situation. With the result of the study will be offered, based on the selected air conditioning solution, the optimal dimensioning of the equipment. Always complying with the technical regulations in force at national and local level.

Our team of architects tries to create different models to offer a wide catalogue of modular homes based on generalized needs. Compact models that fit aesthetically in different locations such as mountains, beaches, urban centers, etc. Always looking for the maximum use of space, eliminating the corridors and wasted spaces, and looking for the largest possible entrance of natural light. Our way of approaching projects is defining and pampering from the foundation and structure of the building to the smallest detail of its finishes, furnishings and accessories, both indoors and outdoors. In this way, we also make sure that the investment made by the client is not a burden but a profitable investment that is revalued over time.

We continue working to incorporate new models of prefabricated houses, but currently available only those published on the web. On a later basis we will be ready with townhouses and semidetached houses for investors who want to build many units in one plot.

Of course, we can offer you garage solutions with storage.

You have several garage solutions with storage in the section our houses.

The partitions of the homes are made of fiber-plaster panels of the Fermacell brand. Our partition reinforced with fibers allows to hang 50kg for each cue!! (one of plasterboard resists 30kg / m with a minimum of 2 blocks, while those of our homes support 100kg / m, with 50 kg in a single block). The sliding doors are embedded in the partition and enclosures, which are retracted when they are open.

We service all areas of Spain, except the Balearic and the Canary Islands.
Your house in 4 months.

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